The White Hart - Cheryl & Bill
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12 April 2018
By Rachel Reeve Photography

Cheryl & Bill contacted me a while ago when Cheryl's Grandma gifted their wedding photos as their wedding gift, which when mentioned to me it reminded me of something I hear quite often "Why pay for a photographer ?" and it is a fair question in a day & age when everyone has a camera of sorts and the images are so easily shared.

It's a very simple one for me to answer. I love my iPhone & I take it on holiday with us, leaving behind my Nikon D4s for a well deserved holiday. However, the image quality a professional photographer delivers leaves those images well & truly tucked in your android phone ! And the favourite part for me is when my couples, as Cheryl & Bill did, receive their wedding album and fall in love with the images all over again. So the gift Cheryls' Grandma gave them has, I hope, given them memories from their day at The White Hart to cherish until they are old and grey.


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